Frank Cava knows about growth. The real estate entrepreneur started out in construction, worked for a publicly traded builder, and then founded his own real estate company, which now does seven-figure business annually. But how did that growth happen? What makes a business thrive? In this post, Frank shares a bit of his philosophy.

“Is it the metrics or the people?”

For Frank, the business’ bank balance is certainly a good indication of success. But he believes wholeheartedly that the evolution of a company cannot come without hiring strong team-players. “I really do believe in hiring good people, giving them clear direction, and giving them a chance to do a great job. And not only that, to grow. And it’s what I’m passionate about. I love real estate, but I love watching people grow. I love watching people strive.”

“Sometimes it’s hard.”

When you start a business from an attic, as Frank did, and watch it expand in scope and in the number of people working for it, there are two sides. On the one hand, Frank says, he’s protective of the thing he created. On the other, he cherishes not having to tell people to do things like set up meetings and organize initiatives without his supervision. “It’s one of those things where if I didn’t buy in to everyone who’s here, I couldn’t do it.”

“It’s only limited by what you put around yourself.”

In the end, Frank knows that a company thrives on its employees. Creating a fun work environment and a group that thrives on teamwork and camaraderie has been the catalyst for being so successful. “I love watching a team come together,” he says.

A business is only as strong as its employees. As an investor, leader, and coach, Frank looks to the practical aspects of business, but always encourages others to look to the people who have invested their time in the company. While the fundamentals are important, the people are essential.

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