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Private Lending

  • Through our investments and private lending programs, you can earn passive income with a stable return to make your money work for you. Instead of hassles of managing real estate yourself, our investing and private lending opportunities will help you achieve truly passive income.
  • At Cava Companies, we partner with investors and private lenders on a variety of investment types. Whether you have cash in a bank account, a self-directed retirement account, the equity markets, or other investments, we can help you achieve a more stable, predictable return on investment through real estate.
  • Working with us, you earn a return that is backed by a tangible asset that is historically stable and strong: real estate.

Completed Projects

Our private lending opportunities allow you to be the bank. Your investment is secured with a mortgage, promissory note, and insurance policies. These measures are in place to maximize the security of your capital while it is deployed. The same way that you earn interest in a bank account, you will earn interest on this loan and have it deposited directly into your bank account, but at a much higher rate than offered by traditional banks. That is because banks make a return off the difference between the interest they earn and the interest they pay you. We effectively cut out the middle man (the bank), and take the portion of interest the bank would have kept and pass it straight to you.



Our equity investment opportunities allow you to be not only a partner in a real estate deal, but the best kind of partner: a silent partner, with no responsibilities other than to wire the amount of capital you chose to invest. We take all of the responsibility for the work, and we limit your liability for anything that could go wrong. This program allows you to lean on the years of real estate experience that Cava Companies has, and partake in the upside of our ventures while limiting your downside risk.

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