Are you a real estate agent and have a seller needing to get rid of their home fast? We want to be a trusted option for your sellers who need a quick sale.  

The Types of Deals We Look For 

Here are the types of deals we look for:  

  • Houses in need of major renovation 
  • Houses that have been sitting on the market too long 
  • Deals that wouldn’t qualify for your typical lending requirements   
  • Quick sale and quick close deals 
  • Short Sales (anyone underwater)  

At Cava Companies, we look for the type of deals where people can’t afford the renovations for their homes or maybe they need a short sale. We listen to these sellers and find a solution that meets their needs. We take away the burden of costly renovations and provide a fast closing for people needing to sell quickly. We’re no stranger to short sales; if they need to close in two weeks, we can do that.  

Some sellers simply need someone to come in and buy their house. It may have been sitting on the market for far too long, so they just need a buyer who will take it. Since we pay with cash, we don’t have to send out an inspector or appraiser to go about financing these types of deals (another reason we’re able to close so quickly).  

Areas We Do Deals In 

We typically do deals within the Richmond area, so places like Churchill, Northside, Barton Heights, Fulton Hill, Swansborough, Chesterfield, Colonial Heights, even places like Glen Allen. Anywhere you go, that’s where we want to be.  

An Easy, Fast, and Reliable Home-Buying Process 

Part of the appeal of Cava Companies being your large investment company is the ease of the deal. Real estate can be challenging at times, so for us to go ahead and take care of the closing costs takes away a huge burden for the seller.  

Our Reputable Legal Team Can Handle Any Situation, at No Cost to Your Seller    

We have a team of great attorneys who fully understands our process and is well adversed and experienced in dealing with sellers who often have renovation costs that exceed their budget, or have title issues, back taxes, etc.  

They’re well aware of how to deal with these situations in a timely manner. We’ve noticed that a huge weight is lifted when your seller knows they have a well performing, confident and reputable investment company that can handle these types of situations for them.  

As an investor, we’re paying for these investment properties with cash meaning you don’t have to worry about doing traditional financing or paying closing costs. We’ll take care of that. And your seller also doesn’t have to worry about back taxes and liens and things of that nature because during our process of closing on the house, our attorney helps take care of all these issues. 

How We Benefit You as a Realtor   

You’re connected to a large investment company.  

A benefit of working with us as a realtor is you now have the confidence of having a very large investment company that’s working right behind you. You can bring us those deals and know at the end of the day you’re going to have a reputable company that’s behind you, who’s able to close and help out your seller.  

You can sell more deals.  

We provide solutions that oftentimes a lot of realtors might pass up because they just don’t have the knowledge of working with a seller that’s in need of a cash offer. With Cava Companies, you no longer have to pass up those deals, but instead can grow your company.  

Be the go-to realtor and ‘solution’ to listings in your area.   

Many realtors have never truly worked with investment properties before. With Cava Companies, you now have a trusted name you can give to a seller that offers the services they need. You’ll be the solution to listings that most other agents wouldn’t know what to do with.   

Don’t let these types of sellers or opportunities go past you. We’re here, and we want to help you grow your company and vice versa. At the end of the day, we want to provide solutions to sellers that might not have all the opportunities in the world.