Frank Cava started out in construction, made multi-million-dollar real estate deals, survived the financial crisis, and now owns a real estate business that invests in residential properties for huge profits.


What were the fundamental steps Frank learned, how did he make money, and how did he build wealth in the residential real estate market?

Hear Frank’s words of wisdom on Episode #89 of the Dentist Freedom Blueprint podcast, where Frank outlines, among other things:

  • How he made more money investing than he ever made while working
  • What building houses taught him about investing
  • Why now is a great time to get into real estate investments
  • What millennials are doing to change the market
  • The best types of markets to invest in

…and more!

Frank outlines some basic strategies and he comes back to the fundamentals that work for him that he can control. In real estate development and investing, Frank picks communities where people want to live, and then simply gives them a home that they want to live in. Frank also targets the right kind of renters/buyers who he knows will appreciate a solid home to live in.

Sticking to what has worked at a fundamental level, and trusting his instincts are a few ways Frank approaches his business.

Check out the podcast to hear all of Frank’s real world, pragmatic wisdom on what has worked for him, and his outlook on getting into the real estate investing market now!