At Cava Companies, we send out weekly emails with investment deals that are hard to find anywhere else. We want you to reach out to your buyer pools or investment partners who may be interested in these investment deals.  

We have a very hard working team that goes out each week, beats the bushes, finds off market deals, and gets them at pennies on the dollar. None of these deals are on the MLS. These deals are very challenging to come by, as you’re well aware, since there’s not a lot of investment deals out there on the MLS.  

Again, all these deals are off market. We work our hardest and spend a lot of money marketing to these people to get these kinds of deals, and we’re the top company to bring them to you and your investment partners. 

The Types of Deals We’re Sending Out 

The type of deals we’re typically sending out are, again, not going to be on the MLS. Most of the properties will be single-family homes that can either be fix-n-flips and rentals while others may be multi-family homes or lots of land.  

We want to make sure you and your investment partners are some of the first to know about these deals since they are deeply discounted properties perfect for your investment partners.  

Areas We Find Deals In 

We typically do deals within the Richmond area, so places like Churchill, Northside, Barton Heights, Fulton Hill, Swansborough, Chesterfield, Colonial Heights. We’ll even find some in places like Glen Allen. Anywhere you go, that’s where we want to be.  

How to Get On Our Buyers List 

Richmond is a great market to invest in, but the biggest problem that most people have when they give us a call is there’s not enough deals out there and they can’t get them quick enough. Well, you’ve now found your solution to that problem.  

We want you to be the realtor who’s the go-to for your investor partners to find these wonderful deals. All you have to do is reach out to us and we’ll happily partner with you and start sending you these discounted properties. 

So how do you get on this buyer’s list? How do you start bringing in more income and start providing value to my buyers? Fill out the form below and you’ll receive our weekly broadcast emails. It’s that simple.  

We look forward to working with you.  

-Adam Furman